Watch Kendall Jenner Try (And Fail) At Doing Her Make Up Without A Mirror

The model can’t do eyeliner or even lipstick without a reflective surface and that makes us love her even more.

When you’re a world famous model with designer catwalk bookings up to your eyeballs, you will probably get used to being pampered and made up. So we totally get how Kendall Jenner struggles to do her own make up without a mirror, tbh.

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Even Kendall Can’t Do Her Make Up Sans Mirror

Anyone out there who has made up their face on the way to work or a party using the tiniest mirror might totally feel smug right now. Us everyday regulars are black belts in liquid liner application on a moving train or bus. But could you do it without the help of your teeny tiny compact mirror?

Kenny starred in an adorable video for Allure magazine where she tries to do a series of things she has never done before. Amongst these tasks is applying her make up without the use of any reflective surface. Jenner’s attempt at a chunky upper eyelid line is delightfully poor as is her red pout. That doesn’t stop our fave from smiling for the camera though!

Kendall Jenner Is BFFs With A Sloth

The brunette’s other tasks are equally funny and sweet. She makes BFFs with a sloth (random), paints a self portrait and tries out a very strange face exercising tool.

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Watching Kendall try to nail a slam-dunk whilst wearing heels is hypnotising. She looks insanely good and really does give it her best, ahem shot. Much to the lols of the crew member who has to hold the board with the mini basket attached.

This videos proves that Kendall is funny as well as ridiculously beautiful and makes us want to hang out with her even more. Why not ditch the sloth and be our BFF, Kenny?

By Ellen Kerry