How To Do A Fishtail Braid | Tutorial |

Want to know how to pimp up your braid? Watch our hair tutorial to find out how you can achieve a fishtail braid.

Whether it’s a fishtail braid, french plait or double dutch-er, braids are great and everything – but they can be an absolute ball-ache to do on yourself.

From how many pieces of hair you need, to whether you go under or over the hair, the slightest mistake can take your braided hair style into a whole ‘nutha level that really wasn’t what you intended to do.

BUT, worry not dear plait-novice pals, because LOOK’s very own Beauty Writer Gabrielle is here to solve all your plaited probs with a super simple, easy to follow fishtail braid tutorial. It’s so simple in fact, that you can probably do your own fishtail plait whilst watching Gabs do hers at the same time. Just grab yourself a bobble, an elastic hair tie and a pair of hands and you’re good to go.

So watch above, and read below for how to create the ultimate fishtail braid with our handy tutorial. Ta-daaaa.

How to fishtail braid tutorial

Step One

Brush hair through so that it’s easier to braid, and use a plastic hair tie to secure the hair in a low ponytail (this helps to keep the plait in place, whilst you braid)

Step two

Split your hair in two sections, and take one piece from the outside of the one section and pass over to the other section

Step three

Take a piece from the outside of the opposite section and pass it over to the first section

Step four

Continue down the length of the braid, keeping it as tight as you can – you can loosen it up and make it more boho later

Step five

Finish by securing with a hair tie and cut out the elastic with a pair of scissors. If you want the braid to be loose and boho-esque, you can ‘pancake’ apart the plait. (That’s basically a fancy internet way of saying pull apart the plait, which adds volume and all those boho vibezzz)

Happy braiding pals. If you try it out for yourself make sure you hashtag #BeautyAdvisor on instagram so we can have a nosey. Ta!