Watch 5000 Years Of Makeup Trends In 7 Minutes

From the Egyptian’s eyeliner overload to the Victorian’s porcelain complexions, there have been some pretty strange makeup looks through time!

When it comes to makeup we tend to only think about current trends, what models and celebrities are wearing now feeds down and affects our choices from our lipstick colours to our amount of bronzer. But, we tend not to think about how makeup has evolved throughout the years, something that make up artists Lisa Eldridge has touched upon in this both entertaining and educational video.

The idea behind the video came about when Lisa started doing some research into her latest book: Face Paint The Story Of Makeup. She started to think about what era in time she would most like to be transported back to if she had a time machine, when were the best and the worst makeup looks throughout the ages.

Luckily for us she has demonstrated over 5000 years of makeup and condensed them into just 7 minutes for us to watch. Click the video above to see Lisa Eldridge’s amazing makeup journey…