Meet Nails Inc new wash-off polishes...

Wash Off Nail Polish Is Now Officially A Thing

Nails Inc’s new collection has caused a bit of a stir here on the beauty desk, and this time it’s not a new designer collab or a celeb ambassador that’s got us excited. Nope what we’re going crazy over is their new ‘wash off’ nail polish. Yep you read that right, Nails Inc’s new range of varnishes actually wash off with a little soap and water.

The limited edition collection is called H2GO and consists of six shades, £14 each, from a creamy sky blue (known as Chelsea Mews) to a shimmer gold (aka, Knightsbridge Gardens). The polishes have been developed with a water-based formula and they’re also non-toxic, and 7 free (which basically means they are free of any nasties like parabens and totally free of animal derivatives, meaning the range is halal-friendly).

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The concept has divided opinions here at LOOK HQ, with some wondering how they’d make it through day without washing their hands and ruining that perfect mani. Whilst others are hailing it a genius move, afterall now you can kiss goodbye to nail polish remover and you don’t have to commit to one colour for long. Nails Inc explained that the polishes have been developed for professionals that can’t wear regular polishes at work and the collection is perfect for kids that want to try nail polish for the first time. 

But what do you think? Would you try wash-off nail polish?! 

H2GO Nail Polishes, £14 each