Want To Get Kim Kardashian’s Fresh-Faced Glow?

Kim Kardashian‘s make-up always looks flawless, so this week we’re using her as our inspiration and recreating her gorgeous glowing skin.

Step One: It’s important to start out with a good base, so make sure you cleanse your face then use a lightweight moisturiser. Next prep your skin with LOOK Beauty’s Perk Me Up Primer, £5. The pinky tone will give your skin a radiance kick and help to keep your make-up looking perfect for longer.

Step Two: Next, buff LOOK Beauty Airbrush Base Foundation, £6, over your complexion to even out your skintone and conceal any imperfections.

Step Three: Dab and blend LOOK Beauty Glow and Go, £5, onto the apples of your cheeks, temples, and under your brows. It’s the perfect remedy for brightening up tired-looking skin!

Step Four: Using LOOK Beauty Make Me Blush in Sculpt, £4, dust along your cheekbones to cheat those model-worthy angles.

There you have it, gorgeous skin just like Kim K. Now all you need is a pair of false lashes and swipe of nude lippie (plus Kanye on your arm!) and you’re good to go! VJ