Okay, So Waist Contouring Is Now *Officially* A Thing

There’s no denying that face contouring has become one of the most popular make-up phenomenons of the past few years.

While it’s not a new trick, it’s been catapulted into our everyday routines thanks to beauty bloggers and celebrity fans such as Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.

These ladies have been busy flaunting their flawless faces on Instagram, as well as giving us plenty of tips to help nail the trend.

> Kim Kardashian *loves* contouring


And since contouring became the word on everyone’s lips, a number of different techniques have begun popping up on the internet.

Make-up addicts were introduced to boob contouring, which has been used by professionals for years and inspired hundreds of YouTube videos.

> Boob contouring has become more popular over the past year. Picture: Belinda Nicoll YouTube


Working on the same principle of highlighting and shading, it creates the illusion of a bigger cleavage (with the help of a push-up bra too).

There are also methods such as clown contouring, Star Wars contouring, body positive contouring, strobing, face morphing… we could go on.

> Yep… Star Wars contouring really is a thing. Instagram: @makeupbymandylee


Now we’ve been introduced to something a teeny bit stranger – waist contouring, otherwise known as tummy tuck contouring.

Seeing as it’s January, plenty us are working on our New Year’s resolutions to get into shape.

But despite all those healthy dinners and trips to the gym we’ve forced ourselves into, it can take a while to see our hard work yield real rewards.

> It can take a while to achieve results by working out


So in the meantime, why not fake it with a few cosmetics?!

Vlogger Huda Kattan has shared her secret to achieving sculpted abs with nothing but a make-up palette. And her followers seem very intrigued.

In a clip posted to Instagram last week, we see her use bronzer to create some clever shading around her lower stomach.

> Huda Kattan shows us the products she uses


With only two products on the go, it appears fairly quick and simple.

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Of course, this means it’s a definite no-go idea when near water. So you can wave goodbye to a newly-chiselled bikini body.

> And these are the results!


But would you give it a go for a night on the town? We’d love to hear your thoughts.