WAH London Give Us A Summer Nail Art Tutorial

We were lucky enough to have WAH Nails come into LOOK Headquarters to show us how to create a super cute, summery nail-art mani! If you’re a little afraid of nail-art, and are baffled as to how the experts achieve such intricately drawn patterns on such a small canvas, then take a leaf out of Wah’s book and try using their nail art pens that make drawing on your nails a lot easier.



Here is our step by step guide to creating WAH’s pretty, flowery mani…








You will need…



WAH London Building Blocks Basecoat, £9



WAH London Builders Make The Best Boyfs Polish, £9.



WAH London Nail Art Pen in Green, £7



WAH London Nail Art Pen in Yellow, £7



WAH London Nail Art Pen in Orange, £7







Step 1…



If you’re not blessed with long, strong nails then applying a set of plain false nails can make nail art a whole lot easier. We like Boots Perfect Finish Clear Nails, £8.50. Polish actually sticks to false nails a lot easier than it does to your natural nails due to their lack of natural moisture. Begin by slicking on a thin layer of WAH’s Builders Make The Best Boyfs (apply the basecoat beforehand if you aren’t using false nails to prevent staining). Allow to dry completely before applying another layer.







Step 2…



Once your purple polish is dry, use the yellow nail art pen to draw three little star shapes at the ends of your nails, get a friend to do the hand that you usually write with if you struggle using the pen in your other hand!







Step 3…



Use the orange pen to dot a little circle in the centre of the yellow flower.







Step 4…




Carefully draw a small line using the green pen in between the flowers, and at the end flowers to the edges of your nails, to resemble leaves.









Step 5…




Allow the flowers to dry, be patient – you don’t want to ruin all your hard work! Then apply a layer of the top coat to keep nails from chipping, et voila! You’re artistic skills are ready for showing off!




By Emily Morgan