This Vlogger Didn’t Wash Her Hair For 30 Days

Give the girl a medal (or some shampoo)

We’ve been told we need to wash our hair less for ages, cause it’s got loads of hair health benefits blah blah blah. Personally, I’ve never been more than a two-wash-a-week gal.

I’ll put this down to laziness mostly – but also my hair doesn’t need to be washed much more. Recently I’ve reduced it down from twice a week to one. Sound gross? Yea, it kind of is.

I’ve developed a trick to shield the world from my gross, greasy roots come pre wash day. Coconut oil is a saving grace, and for anyone else that wants to wean themselves off the tortures of daily washing I suggest getting a jar.

Telling people you have coconut oil in your hair goes down a lot smoother than telling them your hair is just a ball of grease, which could probably fry an egg if you sat in the sun for long enough.

Aweek does feel like a long time and quite often I do consider washing it twice. But one vlogger really raised the bar when she abstained from rinsing her strands for an entire month. Yep, we know. HOW?

Alyse Brautigam YouTube blogger behind Raw Alignment, uploaded a video documenting her 30-day wash free hair experience. She decided to give it a go whilst hiking the Appalachin Trail (obviously) and swaped out the suds for good old H20.

By day 12 she had noticed that her hair was less knotty and easier to brush, which she put down to the natural oils in her hair. But Alyse started to get a bit sick of the process pretty soon. “I just didn’t enjoy the feeling of my hair,” she said.

She decided to keep it up in a bun because she hated the feeling of her hair, saying it felt like there was gunk in it. Yuck. But, like a trooper she didn’t throw the towel in and carried it on for a whole month.

When she finally washed it she claimed it felt lighter and softer than ever before. We’re imagining the joy of that shampoo on her scalp. Bliss.

Obviously, you can’t really compare her 30 days to my 7, but I will say that since I’ve cut back I’ve noticed a massive improvement in the condition of my hair AND it has been growing faster than ever.

If you’re a daily washer, you should probably know that your scalp actually gets oilier the more you wash it. Once you go cold turkey, it will take some time for your head to get used to, but after a while you should notice that your hair gets less greasy.

Don’t just take our word for it, give it a go. Good luck, and remember what I said about the coconut oil.