How To Get Waves Like A Victoria’s Secret Angel

Finally, Hadid-like hair is within our reach...

The whole world and its aunt is in a Victoria’s Secret whirlwind right now. Which means anything vaguely VS related totally floats our boat. So, hearing the news that the actual tong used to get those bouncy, beautiful waves is now available to buy is properly exciting. Happy Thursday and all that!

victoria's secret hair

Thanks to Beachwaver, Angel-like hair is just a click-to-buy-then-ship moment away. Us mere mortals with our standard, everyday hair have the opportunity to channel the likes of Bella Hadid and Gigi. Date night will never be the same again.

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The medium-sized barrel tong is by beauty brand Beachwaver, official Victoria’s Secret backstage hair fluffers. It’s pricey but, tbh, we’d sell our nan* to have flicky Lily Aldridge hair on a first time Bumble date.

*We wouldn’t, we love you, nan.

It’s how Gigi Hadid et all get their sexy waves

For just $119 (plus shipping) sexy, tousled Angelic waves could be yours.

The iron was invented by beauty genius Sarah Potempa and cleverly rotates to give you the best curls and waves. To really up the oomph levels the Beachwaver Pro twists in both directions. Perfect for creating effortless beachy waves that will make your mates super jealous. The tong is also super long, ideal for girls with luscious locks to rival a Hadid. You will definitely fit a good length of hair around this barrel.

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This year’s Victoria Secret extravaganza took place in the city of love, Paris. Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner returned to collect their wings for the second time while Gigi’s little sister Bella scored her first ever turn.

Was Bella Hadid’ ex The Weeknd wowed by her waves?

All of the Angels assembled in Paris, making it one of the aesthetically hottest cities in the world for at least two days.

Bella’s very recent ex-boyfriend The Weeknd performed at the event and it was little bit awkward. At least Bells’ had the best waves in the business as she strutted past her ex…

We can think of worse times to see an old fling.

By Ellen Kerry