Victoria’s Secret Angels Prepped Their Skin With A $300 Gold Mask

So THAT’S why they looked so good!

Can’t get enough of the Victoria’s Secret frenzy that’s taking over the world right now? We feel ya.  Which is why the news that the Angels used a gold face mask that costs a massive $300!

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The Paris-based 2016 VS extravaganza might be over but we’re not ready to give up on our Angels obsession just yet. As well as spending an obscene amount of time staring at pics of Bella Hadid strutting past The Weeknd (SO GOOD), we’ve also been indulging in beauty research in a bid to look like Kendall.

The masks are 24-karat-gold

One of the Angels hacks we discovered blew our mind and, if we treat ourselves, will definitely blow the bank balance.

Spying models Irina Shayk and Alessanda Ambrossio with their faces covered in gold on Insta, we had to wonder WTF was going on? Were they celebrating their VS appointments with a cheeky Bond-themed Goldfinger party? Disappointingly, the answer is no.

Absolutely stunning angel @hoskelsa getting the Gold Mask treatment before the #vsfashionshow2016 ⭐️

A photo posted by Mimi Luzon (@mimiluzon) on

The preferred pre-Victoria’s Secret show pamper mask of the goddess-like Angels involves one of the most expensive facemasks we have ever seen. As well as being pricey af, these delicate sheets are GLAM.

The Victoria’s Secret Angels are fans

Skin care queen Mimi Luzon has created 24-karat-gold sheet masks designed to give the user Angel-glowing skin.

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It doesn’t just look pretty! According to Mimi, “A unique combination of a corrective anti-wrinkle mask with gold leaf provides skin with immediate lift and radiance.”

It also contains “a blend of cell-renewing ingredients that have been proven to improve skin’s elasticity, texture and tone and a unique peptide that helps to reduce wrinkle depth as well as relaxing facial tension.”

The glimmer gold is actually beneficial, too.

“The golden leaf is laid on top of the corrective mask and optimizes its overall effect. It provides the skin with immediate wellbeing, treats redness and fine lines and gives the skin a more even tone and a healthy glow.”


Sounds good to us! Unfortunately, at $300 for 3 sheets, we’d be looking for Gigi’s glow and our very own Zayn, thankyouverymuch.

By Ellen Kerry