Victoria's Secret Angel, Behati is a natural beauty

Outed! Victoria’s Secret Angel Behati Reveals Her Beauty Routine

Once we got past the jawdropping beauty of Behati, we soon released she’s just like any other 26 year old (aside from the Victoria’s Secret and Pepe Jeans contracts, incredible figure and flawless skin, obvs!). Constantly Whats Apping her pals and posting pics on Instagram, she’s not precious about sharing her fashion and beauty tips either – hurrah! 


Who do you get your best beauty tips from?

Lily [Aldridge] is like the mum of the Angels and is the one who tells me what skincare products to use and where to have my next facial. She always has our schedules memorised when we’re working together. Candice is the one I always go to for jewellery and fashion advice. 

> The beauty buys Behati swears by


What beauty products do you always have in your bag?

An RMS concealer and their lip and cheek colours and the Maybelline purple mascara. I always carry rosewater spray with me as well, it’s really hydrating, especially when I’m flying a lot. 


If we sniffed you right now, what would you smell like?

The new Juicy Couture I Am Juicy fragrance! It’s really fruity and florally and when it wears on your skin it turns into something gorgeous and woody, I just love it.

> A good face mist and a mask are Behati’s go-tos


Any skincare secrets you care to share?

Ling is an amazing Japaense skincare line that Lily told me about. They do this incredible Ginseng Moisture Mask which you put on, wait for it to dry, then peel it off. 


Are you as on top of your body routine as you are your beauty routine?

My workout routines are constant as I always have to keep fit and stay toned. I do a mixture of pilates, yoga and working with my personal trainer who does more cross fit for me before I hit the runway. 


What’s the best part of your job?

The travelling. I get to see so many incredible places and meet so many cool people. I feel very blessed that I always have a great team around me on so many exciting projects. 


Behati Prinsloo is the newly announced International Ambassador for Juicy Couture fragrance.


By Becci Vallis