Vagina Highlighter Is Now A Thing That Officially Exists In The World

Jesus wept

Just when you thought things couldn’t get weirder in the ol’ vagina beauty world (glitter vajs are something that exist need we remind you) vagina highlighter just became a thing and Oh, Holy Chicago we can’t cope.

So… what is it? Well good women of the world, it’s all thanks to The Perfect V’s Shades of V Very V Luminizer product.

Say hello to Vagina Highlighter…

Yes. According to their website, it’s a highlighter that promises to add “luminous iridescent colour” to the whole vulva area (nice) brightening and minimizing any skin imperfections.

It’s also got added Vitamin E and elderflower, that’s supposedly meant to have a softening and soothing effect, which is nice too. If that wasn’t enought, The Perfect V also offer a whole host of vagina products including exfoliators, cleansers and serums.

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Now don’t get us wrong – everyone is entitled to doing whatever the hell they please with their own ladybits. Sadly, (or maybe not) the Very V Luminizer is only available in Scandinavia for the time being.

Yeah, we’re not sure that a vagina highlighter is something we desperately need in our lives rn… thanks though!