This Clever Patch Will Protect You And Your Kids From The Sun

The future of sun protection is now.

Staying safe in the sun has been drilled into us for as long as we can remember, and in this day and age there isn’t really an excuse to not keep yourself properly protected.

From invisible creams you can wear under makeup, to spray on sunscreens enriched with skincare benefits, we’re spoilt for choice.

But a new, groundbreaking product is on it’s way and it’s about to change the way you think about sun care.

Created by La Roche Posay, MY UV Patch is the techy way to monitor your time spent in the sun and keep your skin safe.

The first of its kind, the heart shaped sticker is a flexible skin sensor that hooks up to your smartphone to track and measure your UV exposure, neat huh.

Thinner than a strand of hair, it’s completely waterproof and works by using photosensitive dyes that change colour when they’re exposed to the suns rays.

It can be worn anywhere on the body, but it’s recommended you put it on the back of your hand, wrist, or forearm.

Apply it by carefully taking it out of its packaging, without removing the protective silver side, then stick it onto your skin and hold down firmly for 10 seconds.

Remove the silver side and you’re ready to start sunning; you don’t need to worry about reapply it for another five days. Connect the patch to your phone by downloading the free app, you’ll be asked to create a profile by choosing your skin tone, hair colour, eye colour and skin type, there’s even an option for your favourite sun cream preference – cause lets face it we aren’t all big lovers of pasty creams.

Once the app has created your profile, scan the patch in natural light and it will send you customised feedback for your skin, as well as reminding you when it’s time to reapply your sun cream.

Besides the fact we never thought we’d see the day when technology got so darn clever, we think this patch will really revolutionise how parents keep their kids safe in summer.

The app manages to make wearing sunscreen seem fun for children, with moving cartoons and a built in reward system which gives them virtual prizes.

Parents, we can hear your cries of joy. Sadly, you can’t get your hands on the pretty patches just yet, but you can join the wait list here.

La Roche, we owe you one.