Urban Decay’s Vice Lipsticks Are Finally Here!

Urban Decay fans, we’ve got a major announcement to make about your favourite lipsticks. Because they’re ALL GOING.

But before you go bulk-buying your favourite stains in a mad panic, don’t fret – they’re being replaced with something even more awesome. Because Urban Decay‘s Vice lipstick collection is here.

Yep, the cult beauty brand has gathered all of its iconic lippies together – both past and present – to release a whopping great big revamped lippy range equipped with everything your pout could possibly need. It’s pretty much the biggest lipstick launch EVER.

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Vice features all of the current UD shades, as well as a few discontinued colours, some limited-edition beauties and a few newbies in a whole range of finishes (six, to be exact): Mega Matte, Comfort Matte, Cream, Metallized, Sheer, and Sheer Shimmer.


Comprised of more than 100 shades, this mega drop is super nourishing for your lips, with each stick coming packed with vitamin C, aloe, avocado oil, and babassu oil. Win.


We’re totally feeling the new look, too – as you can see from the pictures, the Vice collection packaging has taken the original shotgun shell tube design from the early 00’s and given it a slick and sexy 2016 makeover. And, of course, the lipsticks will still be embossed with that signature ‘UD’ stamp.

Each lippy is £15, and is available on www.urbandecay.co.uk.

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Now for even more exciting news; the super cool Ruby Rose is the face of the entire line!

So to celebrate, we’ve got an exclusive interview with the actress and model, hosted by the brilliant Wende Zomnir, founding partner of Urban Decay.

Ruby Rose Urban Decay Vice Lipstick


You made a short film called Break Free, can you tell us about that?

Yeah, Break Free was a short film that was pretty much my life story. That I wanted to try to capture in the shortest amount of time to kind of let people understand why I was who I was. People would always say to me… because I had short hair and I would sort of dress not as feminine as most of the kids in school, they’d always say, ‘why do you make yourself look so ugly?’ ‘Why do you make yourself look like such a boy?’ ‘Why don’t you look like a beautiful girl? You could be really pretty,’ I’m like thanks. I think.

Break Free was kind of my way of explaining that although I can look this way or that way or any way in between, I’m going to feel the sexiest and feel the most alive and like myself when I’m comfortable. And that can be in any one of those spectrums, but in that case, it was going from what I felt like society wanted me to be and needed me to be, with the long blond hair and the boobs out and the short dress.

I just really wanted to put something out there as a message for other people. And it just went viral. It just went crazy ‘cause so many people can relate.

So tell me what you’re wearing – What’s your new favourite vice lipstick shade?

So I’m wearing Interrogate and then a little bit of Trick. I kind of like the way [they mix]. But you know, Pandemonium… I have never had so much feedback on a lip color before, than that. So that’s kind of like my favorite.

Ruby Rose Urban Decay Vice Lipstick


When did you get your first tattoo? How old were you?

I got my first one when I was 16. It’s a tramp stamp on my lower back that I chose off the wall that‘s just a rose with some Celtic design that I thought was so original. And then one day it went online I guess and so many people were like my mum has that tattoo, my grandma has that tattoo and I’m like thanks guys. The meaning was, my mother wouldn’t let me get barbed wire around my arm, which was my first preference.

Tell us about any new projects you have coming up…

What I was really excited about doing was having a lipstick color. Because my name kind of lends itself to that, like ‘Ruby Rose’. But then you had to go out there and put a hundred shades out there. So for me to come up with my color now is going to be like a mathematical equation! [So now] I’m going to have to go around and speak to everyone and be like give me like 1% of color and we’re going to put it together and it’s going to be some amazing, glow-in-the-dark [lipstick], it’s going to have its own music! I’ve got a lot to compete with now.