The Biggest Unicorn Beauty Trends Of 2016

We loved them ALL.

If the beauty world had a zodiac, 2016 would be the year of the Unicorn. Pearly, pastel colours have made a comeback and our inner seven-year-old is jumping up and down excitedly. We love Unicorns. Who doesn’t? They are sparkly, shiny and represent all that’s right in the world. So naturally, we have fully embraced the mythical look.

And we don’t like to do things by halves. We’ve coated our manes in pinks and purples, showered shimmer dust on our cheeks and even drawn tiny leetle horns on our eyelids. We are so grateful for glitter.

But, of course, the craze didn’t stop with coloured hair and shiny things. Being a Unicorn is SO MUCH more than that. So let’s all look back with happy mems.

Unicorn Makeup Brushes

Aah, aren’t they just lovely? Our morning beauty routine was significantly improved with these iridescent brushes. They look like horns and they are pink. YAS.

Unicorn Hair

When Guy Tang introduced Rainbow Hair it knocked our socks off. And it got even better when paler, mermaid tones were introduced. We found ourselves flicking our hair repeatedly and neighing.

@hairbesties_ is anyone working on Thanksgiving? ๐Ÿ—

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Unicorn Horns

But we didn’t stop there. No no, multi-coloured tresses were simply not enough. So we twisted our locks up into horns that defied gravity. OK so it wasn’t a look for everyone, but it WAS great fun on a night out.

Unicorn Lipstick

We were teleported back to the 90’s with Too Faced’s La Creme Lipstick in Unicorn Tears. As you apply it, different shades flow across your lips, causing an almost holographic effect. We reckon if Unicorn’s wore lipstick, this would be the one.

Really diggin my new lipstick I got today #lipstick #toofacedcosmetics #unicorntearslipstick #ultabeauty

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Unicorn highlighter

A party bag essential. Rainbow colours but paler and prettier. This highlighter is just a really good time.

We have swatched our brand new Unicorn Heart highlighter! Hands up who needs this in their life!

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Unicorn Nails

Why stop at your hair and face? The Unicorn is something to be embraced all over. And lilac and powder blue shades looked amazing on our nails.

Unicorn Horn Eyeliner

We loved this look because it’s not just magical, but beautiful. The subtle changes to your average every-day eyeliner flick plus pinks and blues are nothing but stunning.

We hope 2017 has Unicorns too.

By Shannan Sterne