Under Eyebrows Are The New Power Brow

Cara Delevingne might be the queen of the power brow, but Gigig Hadid is currently ruling the under eyebrow trend.

What’s even is that, you ask? Well…

Having been sparked on the runways at Paris Fashion Week – Gigi nailed it at the Giambatista Valli AW16 show – the under brow trend involves drawing a ‘second eyebrow’ just beneath your own.

Glitter underbrow trend


While Gigi’s take on the trend saw her sporting a subtle (sort of) slick of silver beneath her brows, others have used bright and bold colours, metallic liners and even played around with position, trying it out just above the eyelid crease too.

Also known as a ‘floating brow’, and initially considered a little too experimental for the mainstream, the look has now broken free (hurrah!) and filtered its way down the beauty chain – supermodels > beauty bloggers > real life.

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Arriving just in time for festival season, the under brow is currently flooding Instagram with a seemingly endless number of ways in which to do it.

We do love ‘experimental’ summer makeup!

Glitter underbrow trend Image: Instagram/sophiehannahrichardson


A fun way to add a fresh new twist to your face, the trend is also perfect for adding even more definition to your super on fleek ‘upper’ brows. Show those babies off!

From streaks of neon blue to a more subtle take on the full glitter brow, here’s how to rock it…

Step 1: Start off by grooming your ‘upper’ brows. Your real ones. Fill in any gaps, add some volume and get them on point – you’ll be drawing a lot of attention to them.

Glitter underbrow trend Image: Instagram/ellieeleech


Step 2: Next up, decide on how you’re going to do the under brow. Keeping close to the underneath of your brows is the easiest way to do this, just like Gigi at PFW.

Step 3: Now it’s time to experiment. Using a liquid or gel liner will give you bright colour and plenty of staying power, while creamy crayons or pencils can be easier to control. Start under your arch and draw along your brow to the end, then go back in and complete the line taking it to the start of your brow. Drawing in two stages will help you keep to the natural shape.

Then you’re done!

By Amy Lewis