This Is The *Ultimate* Nail Painting Hack

Love a beauty hack? Well, have we got a nail painting tip for you!

Picture the scene…

You’re trying to focus on the intricate art of nail painting, while balancing your polish bottle between your fingers/on your lap/on some other unsteady surface.

It’s going well, it’s going well… until bam!

The bottle tips, polish is everywhere, and you’re left Googling ‘how to get nail polish out of the carpet’ with fingertips that all got smudged in the drama.

Yep, it’s a tale as old as time (sort of), which is why one clever couple decided to take matters into their own hands and quite literally, solve the problem for all of us.

Say hello to the Tweexy.

>Instagram-picture" class="imagecache-scaled_620px_wide" src="" title="Image: Instagram/Tweexy/@theroyalwild"> Image: Instagram/Tweexy/@theroyalwild


Though creators Liz and Mark are billing it as a ‘wearable nail polish bottle holder’, it’s so much more than just that.

Firstly, it takes away the problem of having nowhere to balance your nail polish during painting. You slide it onto your finger, and then place your polish into the holder – which is called the crown, btw.

The crown (which as majestic an invention as the name suggests) has been designed to hold any nail polish bottle – they’ve tested it on over 1,000 different brands – with a grip feature that means you can even open a bottle with one hand while it sits in the Tweexy holder.

Secondly, it’s a great way to get every drip from a nail polish that’s running out. Because the bottle is attached to your hand and not going to slip, you can tilt and angle it to catch even the last few drops with your brush.

Can you tell that we love it yet?

> Image: Instagram/Tweexy


The final thing we should note, is that the Tweexy has special little squeezy tabs on either side of the ring, so that you can remove it and switch hands without smudging your wet nails.

Brilliant. Just brilliant!

Need one in your life? They’re available now on Amazon and Etsy for around £10.

We wish we’d invented this…

By Amy Lewis