Tulisa Looks Nothing Like She Used To In New Selfie

Tulisa Contostavlos has shocked fans with her startling new look.

The former N-Dubz star uploaded a selfie to her Instagram account earlier today, with the caption: ‘Rise and shine’.

In the snap, the 27-year-old’s face looks a little different to when we last saw her – we can’t quite put our finger on why, but there’s no denying she doesn’t quite look… well, like Tulisa. You know?

Tulisa has previously admitted to having lip and cheek fillers, but has always said she’d never gone ‘under the knife’.

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> Tulisa looking a little different back in 2015…


‘I like having my lips done, it’s my personal thing, it makes me happy’, she said in 2014 whilst on The Jonathan Ross Show.

‘To clarify, I haven’t had surgery. Surgery is “going under the knife,” breaking bones, adding stuff in.’

But now, fans are concerned that Tulisa’s changed her look drastically… And that it could be irreversible.

‘How is this tulisa?’, one fan questioned.

> Tulisa has previously admitted to having lip and cheek fillers…


‘That’s not her! What has she done to herself??? Seriously looks nothing like her… Very disappointing’, said another.

However, some rushed to the singer’s defence, and commented that she looked happy and content.

‘A lot of people have been slating this picture of you, but if I’m honest I think you look beautiful and healthy’, one fan wrote. ‘Looks like that time away from the limelight has done you good and you will come back better than ever. You do you.’

Sending Tulisa all the good vibes.