Trending: How Where You Live Affects Your Beauty Habits!

When it comes to treating yourself, do you choose your locks over your lashes? Or maybe you prioritise manicures and pedicures? Well, according to a survey carried out by Wahanda, the world’s largest beauty marketplace, your salon preference could come down to where you live.

Apparently, Mancunian girls are twice as likely to blow their weekend budgets bronzing their bods than their London counterparts. It seems Londoners prefer to invest in their hair – women in the capital are five times more likely to splurge on hair treatments than those in Bristol.

Brummy babes go to great lengths for their lashes and are seven times as likely to have lash extensions as Londoners or Glaswegians. They’re also partial to a pampering spa break – Birmingham girls are over three times more likely than Glasgow girls to book a beauty retreat. But not to be outdone, Glaswegian girls are a staggering 17 times more likely to hit the beauty salon for a wax. Lastly, the ladies of Liverpool are so fanatical about facials, they’re five times more likely to book a glow-giving treatment than the fuzz-free Glaswegians.

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By Charlotte Mahoney

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