Topshop’s Bestselling Beauty Product Has A New Shade

Oh yes!

We all love a good highlighter, but Topshop’s Glow pot is a great one. It’s on our list of the beauty products we don’t think we could love without and even though it’s far cheaper than some of it’s shimmering competitors it’s been touted as a Beauty Ed’s favourite, so it’s got to be doing something right, right?

The Glow Highlighter, £10 has been flying off of the shelves recently, so much so that Topshop have been struggling to keep it in stock.

But, what do you do when your product is selling out like crazy? Extend the shade range, duh. And Topshop have done just that, gracing us with yet another shade and we couldn’t be happier.

Called Fascinate, it is still the same creamy formula just in a pinkier, slightly champagne hue, that will take your sunkissed glow from subtle to luminous in seconds! As far as skins go, it’s better suited from fair to medium skintones because it is quite pearly. We recommend blending it onto the high points of your face, pressing it down the bridge of your nose and just above the cupids bow for a radiant healthy glow.

Considering it’s just £10, it’s super affordable, which is why we suggest maybe grabbing two the next time you’re in store. We wouldn’t want you to miss out now.