The Pinterest Beauty Trends People Are OBSESSED With

When we’re on the look out for beauty inspo, tutorials and trending products… Pinterest is one of our very first destinations. And with over 100 million users on the site – it turns out that we’re definitely not alone! So we’ve hunted out the most in demand beauty trends that have racked up the most likes and searches on Pinterest, to see what’s big in beauty, right now.

Bold Brows

Pinterest Bold Brows



Over the last few years, being able to nail that perfect eyebrow arch has pretty much been as important as getting a 2:1 in your degree (who are we kidding, brows are way more important!) And it looks as though the #browsonfleek phenomenon isn’t going anywhere just yet. The search term for ‘Bold Brows’ has gone up 45% from last year. Thank gawd for Benefit’s mahusive new brow drop, that’s all we’re sayin’!

Champagne Eyeshadow

Pinterest Champagne Eyeshadows



Whether you’re a metallic addict or all about the matte: shimmery and champagne hued eyeshadows are officially IN with Pins having seen a HUGE 125% increase. Woah. Think strobing and highlighting for the eyes – with soft, glowy shadows that give the skin a sheen in the light.


Pinterest Tumeric Face Mask 



So it turns out that people searching for the superfood tumeric aren’t actually looking to brush up on their kitchen skills. Tumeric’s being added to DIY face masks, body scrubs and all-things-beauty thanks to it’s anti-inflammatory benefits. Word of warning on this one though, there’s not loads of proof to back up tumeric’s use when used topically and it will stain your skin in the process. Ack!

Korean Skincare

Pinterest Korean Skincare 



So this is a trend we’re defo not surprised about. When it comes to skincare, the Asian beauty markets are at the top of the game. Plus with their weird, whacky and (totally instagrammable) beauty buys, it’s no shock that Korean skincare searches have increased by 70% over the site!