Highlighter Hacks All Beauty Buffs Should Know

It’s no secret that contouring and highlighting have taken the beauty world by storm, thanks to the likes of the Kardashian clan. The art of highlighting, once mastered, is an amazing technique that can literally transform the shape of your face! Get larger than life lips, a thinner nose, and model-like cheekbones with these handy hacks…

Tip 1: Know where to highlight.

Applying highlighter on the right areas of your face is CRUCIAL. The main areas you want to focus on are the tops of your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose, to give it a slimmer appearance. We also recommend highlighting your brow bone to help lift your eye area, and your cupids bow (the area just above your lips). This little trick will create the impression of a fuller mouth, yay!


Tip 2: Know what type of highlighter to use for your skin.

If you’ve got oily skin, a powder highlighter, like the Sleek MakeUp Highlighter Palette in Solstice, £9.99, is your best bet. The shimmery powder shades will mattify and highlight your skin all in one go – could you ask for more? Use a fan brush to apply.


A liquid highlighter, like the Bobbi Brown Face Highlighter, £26, is a great option for those of you with dry skin. This lightweight Bobbi Brown babe is easy to blend into the skin, and will give you a natural finish. Plus, you can go right in and apply it with your fingertips!

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If you find that makeup doesn’t last long on your skin, and you want a highlighter that you can reapply on-the-go, opt for a cream one, like the Kiko Cream Radiance Highlighter, £10.90. This gorgeous compact even comes with a mirror, so you can take it with you to touch up on the go. Again, you can apply cream highlighters easily with your fingers, but be warned, they don’t blend as easily as the liquid ones, so watch out for streaks.


Tip 3: Combat under eye circles.

Banish dark circles by using a highlighting concealer that is 2 shades lighter than your skin tone, like the NYX Concealer Wand, £5.50, under your eye area. Apply this in a triangular shape, starting along the side of your nose and joining at the outer corner of your eye. Use tapping motions to blend the concealer into your skin with a damp beauty blender. Psst, this is a technique used by the highlighting queen Kim K!


To finish off, set your concealer with the Smashbox Photo Set Finishing Powder, £19, to keep it in place all day!

Arianna Chatzidakis.