Tooth Jewellery Is Making The Ultimate Come Back

This old-school beauty trend has got everyone smiling

There were lots of 90’s beauty trends that were pretty questionable, from floral velvet scrunchies and skinny brows to prom-esque trendrils (seriously, why?!) Yet there is one we’re welcoming back with open arms, or should we say mouths…

” Tooth gems ” are the ultimate accessory that a slew of celebs have been quick to sport. Staying true to her trend-setting style was Katy Perry who fiest rocked the Nike tick logo on one of her canines back in 2015. Following suit was Halsey who was papped with a cute gold star across her pearly whites, along with Insta pin-up Hailey Baldwin. Model of the moment Adwoa Aboah also decorated her tooth with crystal studded Chanel logo for the front cover of i-D Mag. It looked hella cool.

because why not 🤷🏼‍♀️💎💍💍

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Beauty bloggers have of course also been flashing their mouth jewellery over on insta, placing the gems on lips as well as teeth. Coinciding with the lip art trend, the gems are applied to lips and sealed in with a lipgloss, a cool new take on the throwback style.

As for what gems to use, the rules are simple. Anything goes! From gold and silver to coloured crystals that come in all shapes and sizes. Just be sure to choose something you really love because they are bonded to a tooth using a special glue, which stays in place for months at a time.

It’s no surprise that dentists are not fans of the tooth gems trend’s comeback, highlighting that the gems have the potential to damage your teeth’s natural enamel. Our advice? We’ve tried them in the office and as along you don’t keep them on for too long, you’re all good! So, schedule a hygienist appointment, polish your pout and get ahead of the trend…

By Perdita Nouril