This New Setting Spray Will Totally Hide Your Hangover

How to look good the morning after!

We’ve all been there, desperately raiding our makeup bags the morning after to find the hero products that’ll hide our horrendous hangover. While clever concealer and tricksy application techniques can disguise the severe lack of sleep, when mid morning comes you usually find your makeup migrating down your face as you reach for your third coffee. Not ideal eh?

Well thank the beauty gods, in this case Too Faced, who have come up with the mother of all hangover hiders. The Hangover 3-in-1 is all kinds of awesome. The latest newbie to their hugely sort after Hangover range, it’s a marvellous multi-tasker that does three things to sooth and sort stressed, hungover skin.

First up it primes the skin, creating a smooth even base, mopping up any excess oil in its path. Spritz number two helps to set makeup post application, locking in your foundation and preventing the dreaded 11am makeup melt down. Last but not least, this hydrating hero can be used as a refreshing spray, pepping up skin throughout the day so that know one will ever know how many cocktails you actually sunk the night before. Clever!

While a launch date is still to be set, we just hope it’s sooner rather than later, because with party season only weeks away this magical beauty buy just stormed it’s way to the top of our shopping list.