Toilet Paper Lips Are Now Officially A Thing

Yep, we're not even joking.

From marble lips to polka dot liner, a quick scroll on Instagram for inspo will find you a whole lot of innovative and creative beauty looks. But just when we thought we had seen it all, we were quickly reminded that literally nothing is off limits in the Instagram world.

Why? Well, it appears people are using toilet paper to create lip art.. yes, really! Now you are probably thinking… what? But as insane as it sounds it actually looks pretty cool.

The girl behind this holographic-looking masterpiece that used none other than toilet paper is Greta Agazzi, a make-up artist from Italy.

To create the ultra cool iridescent lip she applied the tissue onto her lips using eye lash glue, before using a toothpick to peel up areas to add texture. After the toilet paper was in place she then applied a mixture of the Lime Crime Velevetines and Diamond Crushers that were matte and metallic to create the final almost foiled-looking lips. We have to say it looks pretty incredible!

Granted, it’s a bit weird… but hey, it looks good!

… What on earth will be next?

By Emma Hull