One Girl’s Tinder Story Goes Viral For AWFUL Reasons

Okay. So us single ladies can collectively agree that there are TONS of creeps out there, right? Particularly on places like Tinder.

You have to kiss a lotta lotta frogs to find your prince, as they say.

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But when we heard about one girl’s story, which has now gone totally viral, we couldn’t help but feel that things had reached a whole new level of low.

Make-up artist Takara Allen was just like any one of us. Chatting away to a potential match, before a date had even happened…

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But she says that her Tinder guy sent her a message that read, ‘Don’t think I’m a creep and I don’t wanna be offensive or anything but I was just looking [at] your insta photos and just curious, but have you ever thought about bleaching your skin?? You’d look so much prettier if you were whiter!’

Um. The words ‘creep’ and ‘offensive’ seem pretty fitting to us in that scenario.

The 22-year-old hit back in a lengthy Facebook post, which has since gone viral. She wrote, ‘”Don’t wanna be offensive.” How the F*** is this not offensive in your head?! Like literally how can you come to the conclusion that this is even true?

‘I’ve grown up hearing “You’d be prettier if you were lighter” and “You’re pretty for a black girl,” as if black women are just generally unattractive, and so it’s a surprise when one of us is’ [sic]. 

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Speaking to MailOnline, she explained, ‘I was so in shock that someone would ever send that to me that I actually started crying out of frustration. I’ve never had anyone suggest that I bleach my skin before.’

Takara’s awful experience opens up a very important conversation surrounding racism and beauty ‘ideals’. She goes on, ‘I would never bleach my skin, but I understand why others would feel the need to.

‘There’s so much pressure for people of colour like myself to conform to European beauty ideals and standards.

‘In most cultures being “paler” or “white” allows that individual to be treated better due to systematic racism and we are taught from a young age that being ‘whiter’ makes us more desirable and attractive.’

Unfortunately, it seems that she’s received some HORRID comments on Instagram since her story spread. In one post, she told her followers, ‘It can be very nerve wracking and intimidating to speak up about certain things and to take a stand against racism.

‘I’ve still been receiving quite a large amount of racist messages, death threats (you know who you are), and the typical “you’re not even black” messages which I’m unfortunately used to, but all of your love and support outweighs it all.’

Tinder has now removed the male user from its app. So that’s a very small victory. 

But we hope that things like this will just STOP happening.