This Tool Will Triple The Size Of Your Lips

Kat Burki Micro Firming Wand, £68

Big lips are having a moment. From Rosie HW’s rosebud pair, to Kylie Jenner’s expanding lips, it seems like we’re all after a plump pout. But before you even think about resulting to the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge (the results can be harmful and damaging – don’t risk it!), you need to see this new wonder gadget…

Say hello to Kat Burki’s Micro Firming Wand. The primary use for this little device is to deliver active anti-ageing nutrients deeper into the skin via gentle vibration and iontophoresis (basically an electrical current sending ionic compounds into the skin). This allows the youth promoting ingredients to bind itself to collagen and elastin at its natural origin. Fine lines are substantially smoother and skin plumper in just one use, and it works a treat around the eyes with eye cream, too.

If you’re not blessed with naturally plump lips like Daphne, you’ll just have to fake it!


But the best thing about this tool? It has transformative effects all over the face, including lips. Apply your lip balm as usual (avoid using on top of lipsticks or glosses – otherwise things could get messy) and then place the cooling metal head over the top. It reacts with the product (so won’t do anything on dry lips), instantly increasing micro-circulation by vibrating and pushing the product 30% deeper into your lips. The vibration automatically switches off then no longer in contact with the skin.

The Firming Wand is suitable for all skin types, and only needs one AAA battery to keep it working. It’s only small, so is perfect for popping into your handbag for plumpness on the go.

The Kat Burki Micro Firming Wand, £68, is available now at Space NK. So plump that pout and pucker up!


Annie Quinton