This Serum Will Give You Picture Perfect Skin

When Photography Fluid landed on our desk we were a bit sceptical. And, who wouldn’t be – a skincare product that promises to rival the effects of photo filters is, like, huge. But, I can safely say, we’re taking our hats off to the people at NIOD, because this really is the first ever #nofilter product that will get you flawless looking skin in photos.

So, what is it? Slightly gold in colour, the shimmering priming fluid works like a filter on the skin and uses superfine light reflecting particles to blur out any fine lines or imperfections.

Nano-Prismatic Gold Technology – that’s the slight gold tint to me and you – corrects uneven skin tones and helps to really brighten your base, getting your complexion photo-ready in one simple step.

The best part about it is you don’t even have to wear any makeup, if anything it allows you to get away with wearing little to none, which is great now that it’s summer and the last thing we all want is to be stepping out with a face full of foundation.


NIOD Photography Fluid, 30ml £20.00


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Just mix a few drops into your favourite moisturiser or bb cream, it works amazingly on all skin types, and smooth all over your face for a gorgeous glow that really looks like it’s come from within.

If you don’t fancy going makeup free, mix into your foundation, or apply as a base and wear your usual makeup on top.

The clever formula stays put all day, it literally doesn’t budge unless you go at it with a face wipe, so there’s no need for touch ups mid selfie, it also helps keep your makeup in place – two birds one stone, right.

So, does it live up to the claims? Well, my skin definitely looks more radiant and even toned in photographs, with a dewy glow. In other words, it’s magic in a bottle. What more could you want? Now, time to take a selfie!

Gabrielle Dyer