The #YouLookDisgusting Star Speaks About The Response

Beauty blogger Em Ford, from My Pale Skin, broke the internet last week with her You Look Disgusting video, which showed the nasty comments she had received as a result of showing her bare skin on social media. It went viral within 24 hours, and has received almost 9 million views to date. 

Now, in an interview with BBC News, Em has revealed the reason behind making the video, and the effect it has had.

She said: “I just wanted people to watch it and for people to be more mindful about what they’re typing online because a lot of people seem to think that just because they’re typing it and they’re not saying it to your face, it’s not going to hurt you.”

>Instagram: @mypaleskinblog"> Instagram: @mypaleskinblog


She also explained her decision to showcase her make-up free skin online: “I wanted to say, ‘You know what? Perfection isn’t real, and I’m just gonna show you what I look like in the morning and what I look like when I leave my house to go to work.'”

As a result of her bravery, many others followed in her footsteps, sharing make-up-free selfies using the hashtag #YouLookDisgusting. “Other people were feeling the same way I did, about their skin and about the social media comments they were receiving…”

One commenter wrote: “During your film I started crying because that comments I also get in real life…”

One Twitter user, Gabrielle Sunderland, said: “We shouldn’t be ashamed of who we are, but we also shouldn’t be ashamed of the fact we like to wear make-up…”

Acne is a problem that most of us can relate to. Whether it’s a distant memory from your teenage years, or a very real problem you’re still tackling, it’s a troublesome and emotionally draining beauty dilemma. 

Em set up her vlogging channel in order to help build her own confidence, and share her tips for covering acne with amazing make-up skills.


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After posting a series of make-up tutorials on YouTube, which included her natural ‘before’ face, she received a tirade of negative – and, quite frankly, nasty – comments, slamming her acne-prone skin. 

Em decided it was time to act, and pulled together a moving video, featuring many of the comments that had been thrown her way, to shed light on the kind of bullying that many acne sufferers have to contend with on a daily basis. 



In this video, which has since gone viral, Em can be seen with a naked face, which shows belimishes that most of us have had to contend with at one time or another.

Some of the more brutal comments include ‘HER FACE IS SO UGLY’ and ‘SERIOUSLY… HAS SHE EVER WASHED HER FACE?’

After she has applied a full face of make-up, a series of more positive comments flash up on the screen, before it takes an even nastier turn.

Remembering that these are comments she has received in real life, we are met with chestnuts like ‘THIS IS FALSE ADVERTISING’, ‘YOU’RE SO UGLY THAT’S WHY YOU WEAR MAKE-UP’ and ”TRUST NO F***ING B**** WITH MAKE-UP’.



To say that we’re shocked that people have this attitude is a bit of an understatement. Because, of course, nobody would ever wear make-up simply because they want to (can you detect our sarcasm?). 

The video, entitled #YouLookDisgusting, has received over 150,000 views in less than 24 hours. And we can see why. 

We think it was a brave move to post such a raw and emotive clip. But for such an important topic, it’s refreshing to see such a strong reaction to it. Take that keyboard warriors. 



It finishes on a positive note, with other acne sufferers coming forward and sharing their own experiences, before Em ends with the message: “You are beautiful. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Not even yourself.”

We couldn’t have summed it up better ourselves. 

By Laura Jane Turner