This MAC Lipstick Is The Perfect Summer Shade

We know it’s hard; when you’re not used to rocking a statement pout, bright lipsticks can seem slightly overwhelming. I should know I’m one of these people. My staple lipsticks are an array of nudes, and while I’ll bust out a red lippy for a special occasion, I find myself feeling a bit self conscious – like everyone’s eyes are fixated on my mouth (I have quite a big mouth).

The problem is, I really love bright lipsticks! I have so many of them sitting on my shelf and I like to open them and look at them, applying them willy-nilly in the comfort of my bedroom, but rarely venturing out with one on.

When I came across MAC’s Bao Bao Wan Lipstick in Burmese Kiss, £17, I was pretty obsessed from the get-go. Coral is one of my favourite colours and I kept it on my desk for a couple of days, opening it every so often to admire its brilliance.

By Friday I had decided it was time to put it on, and applied it in the morning at work. Almost immediately I started receiving compliments. ‘That’s such a nice lipstick, where is it from!?”

It’s matte in texture and a super pigmented bright coral pink, and let me just tell you, even if you wouldn’t normally go for such a stand out shade, you should really try this lipstick. It totally warmed up my complexion and has amazing staying power – I only needed to reapply after eating and even then it was just a quick top up. It seems to suit everyone and is the only lip colour I’d consider taking on holiday coral lips + tanned skin = a match made in heaven.

Gabrielle Dyer