This Is How Long It’ll Take You to Burn Off That Crème Egg…

Damn you Easter. From Mini Eggs and hot cross buns to Lindt Chocolate Bunnies, there’s sweet temptation everywhere we turn right now. And, while we’re all for a bit of indulgence, we know that there’s definitely something in the old ‘everything in moderation’ motto too. Slice Live, the affordable unlimited fitness class pass, has come up with a rather handy ‘burn guide’, to tell you exactly what you’ll need to do to burn off the calories in your favourite Easter treats. See, you can have your hot cross bun and eat it….

Easter Eggs: 600-800 calories

To burn off one average sized Easter egg, which contains around 600 – 800 calories, you’ll need to jog for at least one hour. Not a runner? Try a high-impact aerobics class instead. You’ll work off about 600 calories, so add some weights or a step to increase the burn for more indulgent eggs.

Crème Egg: 180 calories

It wouldn’t be Easter without Crème Eggs (yes, we’ve been eating them since January, what of it?) but to burn off these cult choccy eggs you’ll need to endure 10-15 minutes of burpees, 50 minutes of walking or 19 minutes of skipping.

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Mini Eggs: 445 calories

Ah Mini Eggs, they’re like the Pringles of the chocolate world. But just when we thought the whole ‘mini’ element made them saintly, we find out each egg contains 15 calories, with a bag coming in at 445. If, like us, you can demolish a packet in one sitting, you’re looking at 45-60 minutes of Zumba or Kettlebells to burn 400 calories. That’s and impressive 20 cals a minute!

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Small Lindt Chocolate Bunny (50g): 275 calories

We’re suckers for that little bunny and his golden bell. Hop to it – sorry – and burn off a 50g rabbit with 80-90 jump squats. With a 20-30 second rest between sets obviously – we’re not that mean! 


Hot Cross Bun: 155 calories

As if the endless choccy wasn’t enough, then there’s the hot cross bun. That smell gets us every time, but they clock in at 155 calories a pop – and that’s before you’ve slathered the obligatory melted butter on top! After all that high-energy exercise, slow the pace down and burn off your bun with 30-40 minutes of yoga.

Happy Easter!