This Household Item Can Take Foundation Stains Off Clothes

Believe it or not but beauty YouTuber Kalei Lagunero may have just changed our lives with her stain removal hack…this time for getting those pesky foundation stains off our fave white t-shirts.

Kalei, who is known for some of the best hints and tips in the beauty game revealled how she uses shaving foam (yes, shaving foam!) to remove the stains off her clothes.

In her short video, Kalei talks her subscribers through the clever and quick process of banishing the outfit ruining stains.

She begins by grabbing one of her favourite white t-shirts (eek!) and rubs her foundation onto it.


Then here comes the foam…



Kalei uses Gilette Satin Care Touch Of Olay shaving cream, £3.95 but she explains how you can use any kind. She then applies it onto the areas where the foundation is and lets it work its magic for a few minutes, before rubbing it into the shirt (using a bit of elbow grease).



She rises it off with cold water first, repeats the shaving cream step and finishes by rising off with hot water.



And the results are AMAZING, you’ll never have to worry about getting those annoying stains again!


By Sophia Pathak @sophia_pathak