This Hair Straightening Tip Will Change Your Life

Hands up if you’re own a pair of hair straighteners? All of you? Yep, we thought so. 

We know, we know. We’re supposed to let our locks dry naturally, soak it in Argan Oil and never, EVER blast it with hot air/straighten/curl it for maximum health and glossiness.

But let’s be honest. This simply does not fit with our mega glam lifestyles.

The lure of the flat iron is too much, which is why most of us at LOOK HQ straighten and style our tresses on a daily basis. But did you know that there was actually a perfect hair straightening temperature?

We’re always on the look out for tips on how to lessen the heat damage to our hair. Which is why this latest beauty tip is totally rocking our worlds. 

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victoria beckham frizzy hair No more humidity hair for us, VB!


If you straighten your hair at too low a temperature, it will destroy your mane’s shine and leave your locks looking lacklustre.

But if it’s too high, you run the risk of frying your hair. In fact, once you reach 215°C, you’re melting the keratin protein in your hair which leads to split ends and brittle strands. NOT what we want.

Thankfully, there’s a temperature that’s just right. 185°C  has been shown to be the dream temperature to heat your hair up.

It seals your cuticles, helps to lock in moisture and is hot enough to style in just a few strokes. So basically, you’re left with humidity-prrof hair.

Now go and set your ghd’s to 185°C, and never, ever adjust them. Winning.