Why You Should *Totally* Embrace Your Thighbrows

Thighbrows are officially a thing. And we could not be happier. 

Confused by the name? It’s all about to become crystal clear. 

The new buzz word in internet trends, thighbrows are the part of the leg where the thigh and the butt meet with a fold.

If you look closely, the line is shaped rather like a perfectly sculpted eyebrow. 

Clever, huh?

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The explosion of the trend is thanks, in part, to those gloriously curvy celebrities we all know and love, and partly a result of the return of the high-rise swimsuit. Well, you’ve got to love a little old school glamour, right?

It’s also another wave in the amazing body-positive movement that’s sweeping the internet right now. Because, it’s pretty natural to sport a thighbrow. 

Every little feature nature gives you is beautiful, but it’s always fun to have a cool new word for something, right?


Sun-bathed hot-dog legs are just so last year.

We’ve been saying it for ages: it’s time to give your natural curves some loving.

Looking for the ultimate thighbrow inspiration? These beach babes have you covered. 

The Kardashians are leading trailblazers for thighbrows, with Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian showcasing their killer curves in swimsuit snaps on Instagram

Kendall Jenner mirrors Khloe’s thighbrows in this sizzling snap


Rihanna is also the proud owner of an impeccable pair, and Beyonce has also posted her fair share of thighbrow inspiration this summer. 

The best part? Most women have them without even trying. Bonus.

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Just another reason to start embracing those curves and loving your body, then. 

Thighbrows on fleek. 

By Laura Jane Turner