This Super Simple Beauty Hack Will Stop Your Thighs From Chafing In The Heat

Because the struggle is real

Girls rejoice: because there is a super simple beauty hack that can stop our upper thighs from chafing in this unbearable heat and HALLELUJAH LORD.

Any girl without a thigh gap (read: 99% of the general population, then) will know the sheer pain that comes with summer heat. Yes – that hot, sweaty and horrible sting of chafing. It can happen anywhere – but the most common place is the top of the thighs. And dear lord, it’s uncomfortable.

But now, The Independent have brought our attention to a viral tweet that seems to know all the answers.

Nope, it’s not baby powder.. (and thank god, because who really wants visible white powdery marks between their legs)… it is in fact deodorant.

Yup, twitter user @dee__castillo swears by roll-on deodorant to stop the rub. And THAT is something we wanna try.

Apparently roll-on liquid deodorant lasts longer than using a lotion or cream – and stops the friction between your thighs.

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