There’s An Easy Way To Get Christmas Party-Ready Legs

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This festive season is all about velvet, sparkles and sequins. And with such luxurious textures, you’ll definitely want to go for all-out glam and bare your legs.

But how do we get our pins looking perfect before heading out? Of course, your prep should always start with smooth skin.

Luckily for you, this is now a simple task.

Say hello to the Nair Nourish 7 in 1 Ultra Wax Strips with natural Japanese Cherry Blossom & Rice Bran Oil for the Body (and Face).

These new wax strips offer seven benefits in one, leaving you with silky soft skin that just begs to be touched.

They’re quick and easy to use (no rubbing or heating required) and will provide you with a super smooth beauty base.

Not only that, but each strip removes hair for up to 4 weeks, meaning you’ll be party ready ALL season.

And who doesn’t want to feel a little summery with freshly-waxed legs (and a lush, exotic scent) during the dark winter months?!


The next step is fake tanning. Now that you have super-silky pins, they’ll be ready for a spot of bronzing.

Skin specialist and leading make-up artist Victoria Bond says: ‘Party season can sometimes throw us off guard. Suddenly, after months of keeping them covered, our legs are out on show.

‘Every girl knows that feeling you get when faced with white legs. Follow my step by step guide to achieve the perfect pins this season…’
1. Before using Nair Nourish 7 in 1 Ultra Body Wax Strips, do not have a hot shower or bath. It’s important to keep the skin as cool as possible before and after any hair removal.
2. Exfoliate. This will keep your legs looking great and it will also prevent ingrowing hairs.
3. Moisturise your legs daily with a good quality moisturiser or oil. When applying your moisturiser or oil, massage the skin while working in the product, this will improve the appearance of the skin condition and aid with lymphatic drainage.
4. Spray tan – make sure all of the above is done at least a day before. This gives the skin a chance to recover and set the perfect canvas for a tan. A tan will look better and last longer on smooth, well cared for skin.
5. Once you’re ready to bare all I would recommend a heavy moisturiser and illuminator on the legs for sexy sheen. Work the highlighter up the leg towards the knee using the shin bone as a guide, this will enhance shape and create a luminous glow.
6. If legs require a bit more coverage or you don’t have time to tan, use body make-up on the legs. Blend well and use a creamy concealer on any blemishes that really stand out.
7. Walk tall and be confident with skin by Nair this party season.

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