Under Cover Colour, The New Viral Hair Trend

A brand new hair trend has just come into light, and it’s pretty darn cool! It’s something called underlights and it gives you the choice to be conservative in the office, and a wild child when you get home.

If your office is a little mundane at times, this trend means you can bring a little bit of colour to your routine days with out risking your job. This cool tinting technique has gone pretty much viral on Instagram.

It’s created by bleaching and colouring strands of hair underneath and then leaving your top layer of hair a normal -conservative- colour, much to the pleasure of your boss, and unbeknown to anyone you come across with your hair down, exciting eh?!


So how exactly do we do it? Leave the top layers of your hair completely untouched by bleach or dye, so it appears like your natural look at first glance. Ask your stylist to add rainbow touches to the lower layers of your locks, so when you rake your fingers through your hair, voila! An array of gorgeous colours appear. It’s so subtle yet super striking.


We think for the most effective way to try out the trend, is once the colour is done, using your natural coloured hair and just a few strands of your rainbow hair, create a big chunky plait along the back and middle of your head, so your coloured strands fall and some are mixed in with your natural colour.

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By Lucia Campolucci- Bordi