The Weird New Beauty Trends Going Viral

Henna Contouring

What is henna contouring?

It’s the newest way to contour  – and we reckon it’s by far the prettiest. You’ll need a fair hand, henna/make-up artist Sahur Saleim sparked the trend using intricate henna designs made up of concealer and foundation. Make-up markings include spirals, flowers and dots.

Intricate henna swirls of foundation and concealer

What does henna contouring do?

We kinda love the henna contour pre-blend but the intricate patterns create a lighter touch than solid blocks of contour and highlight (see clown contouring). Because it’s freehand, you can go to town with your own henna contour designs.

#HennaContour is a thing (Instagram: zimbalicious)

How do you henna contour?

It’s all about using traditional henna patterns to highlight and contour followed by some serious blending with a brush. For flawless results, use concealers with a liquid consistency, applied with super-thin brushes for accuracy. The more detail you want to incorporate, the thinner your brush should be. Easy, right?

The finished result!

The verdict?

If you got an A grade in art at school – and you have an hour to spare – this might be the new contouring trend for you…

Watch Sahur Saleim’s how-to henna contour video here.

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What is plopping?

Ok, we have to admit when we first heard about this bizarre beauty technique we had a bit of a lol at our desks. But while it sounds like some sort of toilet humour, it’s actually a technique that has been used in America for a while to get perfectly formed, frizz free curls.

Plopping = frizz free curls


What does plopping do?

Curly hair is extremely temperamental, any curly girl will know, more often than not we’d love to wear our hair in its natural state if only we could get it to do what we want. Plopping is a way of drying the hair without using any heat that promises defined, glossy curls without the frizz.

Step 1: place your hair into a cotton shirt and start to wrap it around your head


How do you plop?

You need to make sure you use either a cotton t-shirt or a special towel, like Boucleme’s Curl Towel, £19, because the rough texture of normal towels will mess up your curls from forming into that ideal, regular shape. Flip your head forward and lower your hair onto the centre of your T-shirt, then wrap the bottom corners around your forehead and hold together at the nape of your neck.

Step 2: pull the sleeves of the T-shirt around the back of your head


Fold the rest of the T-shirt over your head so that it covers the sections at the nape of your neck. Finally, stand upright and taking the arms of your T-shirt, bring them round to the front and tie them together at the front, tucking in any loose corners.

Step 3: secure the two ends together in a knot


The verdict

It might sound weird but it creates amazing curls and really does work well at fighting frizz.

Watch Primal beauty Queen’s how-to plop video here.

Clown Contouring

What is clown contouring?

Just when we thought we’d heard of every contouring method under the sun, along comes a new one which sounds even more absurd then the rest. American beauty blogger BellaDeLune brought the technique into the limelight after she created a Youtube video hitting back at people who had previously called her a clown, criticising her makeup. Initially it was not intended to be a tutorial, more of a joke, but people were so impressed with the finished result that she created a proper tutorial.

BellaDeLune before she’s blended in her colour correctors and concealer


How do you clown contour?

While she says it’s not a look meant to be used everyday and has been exaggerated for fun, you can actually clown contour at home and get results that look like normal contouring. Use colour correctors and a much darker and lighter concealer then your skin tone, just make sure you blend thoroughly to get rid of any sign on your clown face paint.

Mid blend…


The verdict

It’s not for people who like the natural look and all that blending takes forever, but the end result is quite good.

Watch Bella De Lune’s how-to clown contour video here.

The finished result!



What is baking?

Huge in the drag queen beauty scene and used by Kim Kardashain’s makeup artist, baking, otherwise known as cooking has surprisingly nothing to do with any form of kitchen activity. It’s a term used to describe the technique of setting your makeup into the skin to achieve a long lasting flawless finish.

Vlogger Curls N Lipstick is a fan of cooking
Vlogger Curls N Lipstick is a fan of cooking


How do you bake?

After your foundation, apply your concealer in areas of the face you want to highlight, usually under the eyes, along the cheekbones, down the nose and on the chin and centre of the forehead. Once blended, apply quite a large amount of loose translucent powder – never pressed as this wont work leave it to cook for 10 to 30 mins and then dust away the excess with a brush.

Heidi Hamound shows how to master baking in her how-to videoVlogger and MUA Heidi Hamound shows us how to master baking in her video


The verdict

It looks amazing in pictures and it definitely does help your makeup stay put, but in reality we would never dream of doing our makeup like that everyday, mainly because it looks way too cakey and overdone in person and who wants to wear that much makeup in summer. No thanks.

Watch blogger Heidi Hamound’s how-to bake video here.

The end result looks amazing


Gabrielle Dyer