The Summer Skincare Line LOOK Loves

This is a Look Advertorial

Moisturising offers so many benefits: it helps makeup adhere to the skin, smoothes dry patches, and plumps up your complexion, in other words it’s a one way ticket to better skin.

It’s hard to find a skincare range that ticks all my boxes, and I love to mix and match products depending on my skincare needs that day. Caudalie’s range of Vinosource moisturisers cater to all skin types, from oily to combination, all the way through to dry and dehydrated. Utilising the power of the grape, these skin-loving lotions are packed full of anti-oxidants to save your skin every day.

My favourite is the Moisturizing Matifying Lotion, a lightweight gel that immediately absorbs oil and fights shine, whilst keeping my skin seriously moisturised. The result? Smaller pores, zero shine and silky smooth skin that’s already prepped for makeup. Wave goodbye to your primer!

For sensitive faces, the Moisturizing Sorbet is going to be your new skin saviour. This best-selling gel-cream feels feather-light on the skin, and provides a massive dose of hydration, without the greasy residue. The sorbet texture is a dream for complexions that need some TLC, and the chamomile-packed formula guarantees redness and inflammation is contained.


If I’m suffering from dry skin and flaky patches, both the Moisture Recovery Cream and the Intense Moisture Rescue Cream provide comforting relief. The Moisture Recovery Cream is a thick, velvet-like formula, which always gives me an immediate hydration boost. If I’m looking for even more nourishment, the Intense Moisture Rescue Cream contains deeply hydrating shea butter, chestnut extract and grape-seed oil. If I smooth this on in the morning it provides continuous, long-term relief throughout the day.

I always keep a bottle of the cult-classic Caudalie 100% Organic Grape Water by my desk. This multi-purpose facial spritzer perks up my skin – and my spirits – at any time of the day. I love popping my can in the fridge for a cooling mid-day boost in the heat, and using it after cleansing and exfoliating feels amazing. However you use it, this hydrating miracle worker will make your skincare go the extra mile!