The Solution to Your Beauty Woes Could Be On Your Fork

You’ve heard time and time again the massive benefits of eating a healthy, well-balanced diet, but what if we told you that specific ingredients actually target aspects of your physical appearance as well?

Christie Cash is the co-founder/chief ambassador of BikiniBOD, a weight-loss supplement designed to support your metabolism while helping to suppress your appetite, and a licensed cosmetologist. When she recently shared with us the fact that nuts and legumes actually promote healthy hair because they’re packed with fatty acids and L-arginine, we immediately reached for a handful of almonds. But how else can what we eat affect our beauty regimen? As Cash explains, in countless ways. 

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Leafy Greens = Glowing Skin 

“Think the darker the greens, the more nutrients you are consuming,” says Cash. “Your daily nutrition is a reflection of your skin and while maintaining a proper skin care routine is important, what you consume is a true reflection. Dark leaves such as spinach, kale, arugula and swiss chard have vitamin A, C and K, which all contribute toward the radiant skin along with helping mitigate acne and breakouts.” 



Banish Breakouts with Eggs

Yet another reason to include this protein in your daily breakfast or even hard-boiled as a mid-day snack, eggs contain vitamin b2 Riboflavin which Cash explains has tons of nutrients and vitamin E, the very thing that helps heal skin from existing breakouts and scarring.



Whole Grains Make for Good Hair

“Whole grains for hair have many benefits ranging from zinc, iron and vitamin b,” she says. “The grains help promote new hair growth to provide gorgeous new locks. Whole grains were toped as one of the 10 healthiest foods for hair according to WebMD.”

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Veg Out

Yes, you really do need to eat your veggies, both for your internal health as well as your outer appearance. “Colourful veggies provide antioxidants to help stable your healthy cells. Antioxidants such as vitamin c help keep your skin to look younger,” says Cash. “Research has shown eating more yellow and red veggies can lead to fewer wrinkles.”



Milk Is a Miracle Worker for Hair

You may count Drybar as your mane’s best friend, but it’s milk that will help it grow. “The majority of our hair is made up of protein,” says Cash. “Thus by consuming milk daily and regularly you are helping promote regrowth.”



Protein Is a Skin Saver

“Protein is one of the lead building blocks of skin tissue. It also is one of the main components in our bodies,” she says. “Protein is broken down, but by consuming rich sources of protein such as meat, it allows the body’s cells to regenerate. Our skin is the largest organ in our body and needs to be treated with the proper nutrients it deserves. Consuming meat as your source of protein helps improve skin vastly because of how rich it is. I suggest protein as 40 percent of your daily consumption.”


This article was originally featured on MimiChatter.