The Slicked Back Wet-Look Is The Style Of The Season

Here's how to actually wear it IRL...

Wet-look hair is here to stay, because Kim Kardashian says so, basically. It’s the style that always seems to come back around, just when we think everyone has gone back to their tousled ways someone steps out in the sleek understated style, reminding us just how much we wish we could rock it.

Of course, as with many hair trends du jour, they must be approached with caution and, with that in mind, it should be noted that there’s a very fine line between on trend sleek and total grease ball.

So, to avoid looking like you’ve dunked your entire head in a McDonald’s chip fryer, make sure the lengths and ends are left natural and product free, only applying the gel to the top and sides.

The good thing about the swept back wet-look style is that it’s really easy to recreate. We’ve broken it down into 3 simple steps so you can get the look at home.

1.    Using a brush, start by blow-drying your hair into the swept back shape.  Or, if you want to wear a middle or deep side part, dry your hair into the chosen parting shape.

2.    A gel or wax styling product will do the trick, but make sure it leaves a wet or glossy finish instead of a matte one. L’Oreal Professional’s Wet Domination Extreme Splash is perfect – it gives high shine, great hold and is non-greasy. Apply the gelee to the top and sides of the hair and comb through with a fine toothcomb.

3.    Finish off with a spray of hairspray to keep your sculptured look in place.

Even though we all have our qualms about wearing the wet-look, (it’s certainly not one for the office) do be brave enough to try it on an evening out and team with a dark smoky eye and a tailored silhouette for serious style points.