The Secret Cheat To The Perfect Eye Liner Flick

Still struggling to get the perfect eyeliner flick? Whether you’ve got wobbly hands, or you’re just no good with getting the line straight and the flick perfect, we’ve got the ultimate trick to getting the perfect eye liner flick…and trust us, you won’t ever struggle again. Hello perfect eyeliner!

All you need is a card, and a great liner. For our favourites check out our gallery of the best eyeliners, avalaible to buy right now. Then follow our perfect eyeliner flick tips…

Hold the card up to your eye. Position it with one edge at the outer corner, angle the card up towards the end of your eye brow. This is the exactly the angle your liner should flick up.

Get it right, and your eyes will look more feline, sexier and a lot more open. Get it wrong and you can risk making your eyes look smaller, droopier and a lot older.

The perfect eye liner flick Choose the right liner, and use this beauty hack and you’ll forever have flawless eyes


Next, draw a dot at the outer edge of your eye, then draw a dot where you want your liner flick to end, join the dots with your liner.

Continue the line along the lash line, trying to keep it as close to the lashes as possible.

Take away the card, and scribble a little under your lower lash line for a smokier effect.

There you have it, your easy eyeliner flick. It’s one of our favourite beauty hacks out there, it works with a liquid eyeliner, pencil liner or even a gel pot eyeliner. Now you can have sexy cat eyes, everyday!

Samantha Freedman