The Highlighter That Broke The Internet

When the legendary make-up pro Pat McGrath released her coveted Gold 001 and Phantom 002 kits, beauty junkies around the world had a meltdown. (Us included).

Now her latest make-up masterpiece, the Skin Fetish highlighting kit, has literally broken the Internet and outshined every highlighter that’s ever been created. Like. Ever.

The first Skin Fetish drop has sold out in minutes and managed to crash Sephora’s website for three hours!

So here’s everything you need to know about the Kim Kardashian of highlighters…

>Instagram/Lily Alderidge"> Pat shows Lily Aldridge what her Skin Fetish can really do Image: Instagram/Lily Alderidge

The New Highlighting Hero

Aptly named Skin Fetish 003, the three-piece kit provides the ultimate fix for glow-getters who are on an eternal quest for lovely luminous skin. (That’s all of us then). If you’re au fait with the sublime skin that was seen during Valentino’s AW16 runway show, then you’ll have an idea of the magic these products can muster and with 25 years in the making, it’s no wonder this transformative trio is set to take highlighting to the next level of cosmetic coolness.

Speaking of the launch, McGrath revealed: “This has been my backstage beauty secret for decades, it literally transforms ordinary skin into otherworldly opulence in a flash. Skin Fetish 003 leaves an untouched quality to the skin, but also a purity and a refinement; an ethereal glow”. Now that sounds like the type of skin we could get used to!

> Bella Hadid gets the Skin Fetish treatment Image: Instagram/Pat McGrath

What’s In The Hit Kit?

The three-piece kit is available in two complexion transforming shades. Nude has hints of prismatic lavender and peach, while Golden is more champagne sheer. As well as the pow wow pigment, the kit also includes a double ended Shiny Stick Highlighter + Balm, which is also packed with nutrients to feed skin. Completing the kit is a super soft Buffer Brush that’s been exclusively created in Japan. Where else?!

How To Rock It

As with all highlighters, the best areas to adorn are cheeks, brow bones and the cupid’s bow. However, it can also be used on other parts of your body too. In the height of summer, think shoulders, cleavage, décolletage and shinbones for that beach chic look. For inspo check out Pat’s insta tutorials.


BE QUICK! The first 25,000 kits sold almost instantly! Luckily, Sephora is releasing a second batch on 10th May.


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