The New Healthy Crisps We’re Obsessed With

We’re always on the hunt for new healthy snacks. Anything that’s vaguely nutritional, not stuffed with your daily allowance of sugar, and stops us devouring the biscuit tin come 4pm (or sometimes 11am) is greatly appreciated.

Over the past few years we’ve munched our way through the likes of low calorie popcorn, rice cakes, fruit crisps and kale chips – and now there’s a new snack to add to your shopping list.

Yep, we’re talking about coconut crisps (also known as coconut chips).  



With coconut oil becoming a kitchen cupboard staple for health conscious, and coconut water the celeb drink of choice, it was only time before we were chowing down on a coconut based snack.

These are no ordinary crisps, though. There are a whole variety of different types to get your head round: curled, crisped or a jerky style snack.


Jax Coco Coconut Chips, £1.12

Image: @jaxcoco

Much like the kale crisps that came before them, the coconut crisp flavour options are endless. We’ve spotted wasabi, chili and lime, and barbecue flavours in the aisles of Whole Foods.

The best thing of all? These coconut crisps are seriously good for you. Unlike traditional potato based chips these coconut alternatives are protein packed and full of healthy fats. Plus, coconut is also a great source of both iron and zinc.


Koele Barbeque Coconut Chips, £1.70

The only thing to watch out for is that your coconut crisps aren’t stuffed with secret sugar. It’s always best to look for savoury flavours, and check the ingredient list for lurking sugar. A good rule to follow is: the shorter the ingredients list the better!

Will you be jumping on this health food bandwagon?