The Kylie Jenner Make-Up Line Is Coming…

Kylie Jenner launching her Kylie Lip Kits was probably one of her best moves ever.

The Lip Kits have become a bit of a phenomenon, selling out minutes after going on sale, and sending Kylie fans into a total frenzy online.

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But that was always to be expected – we are talking about the girl with over 45 million social media followers, a best-selling app and some of the dopest make-up skills on Instagram.

And now, we’ve got some exciting news for you all. Because 2016 is going to be an even BIGGER year on the beauty front for Kylie Jenner.


In a new post on her website, the 19-year-old has announced the one thing she wants to accomplish next year: ‘A make-up line.’ 

So, what’s going to be in this brand new KJ beauty range? Well, Kylie explains.

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‘I see myself with a really successful make-up line’, she told Teen Vogue. ‘I want to expand it a lot. for now, I’m going to keep adding different lip colours. I’d also maybe do an eyeshadow palette, an eyebrow kit, or a contour kit, depending on what people want.’

Um, we’d guess they’d like it all, thanks Kylie.


This would mark the first time any of the Kardashian/Jenner sisters have launched an entire make-up line based on their name, and we have to say, we feel Kylie would make the perfect candidate.

Exciting things to come for this little lady…