Kylie Jenner’s Love Bite Has Gone Viral

We don't know whether to cringe or cry with laughter...

Like most of her new product releases, the launch of her most recent Lip Kit shades – Brown Sugar, Dirty Peach and Love Bite – sent the internet into meltdown.

Upon the reveal of their release, the three insanely pretty shades were each described in their own unique ways. Brown Sugar the ideal nude for darker skin tones, Love Bite the perfect purple mauve and Dirty Peach being exactly as it’s named.

Well, it turns out Love Bite is also a shade that’s 100% true to it’s name!

The revelation came to light when Ashley Sardella tweeted a photo of Kylie’s Lip Kit against a cheeky hikey, pointing out that the colour is in fact a match!

The “swatch” photograph is so scarily similar in colour, we’ve started to speculate if Kylie had real life love bites behind the scenes of her lipstick lab!

The hilarious picture caught a few eyes on social media, and was quickly elevated to viral status as it racked up an impressive 8,500 retweets and over 20,000 likes on Twitter.

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What’s more, King Kylie herself even gave the post her blessing with a cheeky retweet… That has to be the highlight of this hickey situation, right?!

We love a good makeup swatch and a touch of funny irony as much as the next person, so it’s no surprise how quickly this post went off the scale.

Aside from our appreciation for the witty “swatch”, our obsession with the Love Bite Lip Kit has kind of been reignited.

There’s no way anyone can deny it’s an absolutely gorgeous mauve shade, which looks unreal on all different skin tones – yay!

It’s definitely going to be a hue to watch come autumn/winter when we start ditching our bright lips and start showing our dark and vampy lipsticks a lot more love.

By Catherine Delves