Who wore it better? Louise vs Emily

The Halo Braid: 3 Ways To Wear It

The humble halo braid is one hairstyle that we just can’t get enough of. It always looks awesome, works a treat for hiding greasy hair and it doesn’t matter if it’s messy, which means even total beginners can rock the do’. At the Golden Globes we saw three leading ladies put their own spin on the style.

Joanne Froggatt rocked the traditional halo, which can be recreated by parting your hair in two, plaiting both sides and then pinning them over the top of your head. Louise Roe gave the look an edgy twist by upgrading the standard plait to a super-cool fishtail. Whilst Emily Blunt mixed it up with a looser, inside-out braid.

There’s no denying that all three pulled off the halo plait to perfection, question is, which one will you wear first?!

By Victoria Jowett