The Frame Method: Your Fast Track To A Supermodel Body!

January means one thing: kick-starting our healthy lifestyle plans. If you are already bored of soup and the gym and are craving a new challenge, trying a new exercise class can be just the thing to spur on some calorie burning. 

The Frame Method at dance, fitness and holistic studio Frame consists of a series of simple strength training exercises to strengthen and stretch every muscle group in the body. The result? A long, lean and sculpted figure to rival any catwalk supermodel! 

It’s great if you’re a girl on the run because you can do the class barefoot, so no carrying bulky trainers around. Frame provides all the equipment you need (ballet barre, Pilates ball, Frame cushion and yoga strap) and an instructor will talk you through an hour long class that utilises your own body weight to target every muscle in your body. You will feel the burn and break into a sweat but it’s low-impact so ideal if you’re not keen on throwing yourself around like a jumping jack. 

Frame studio is also running special January offers right now to make the path to a healthy new you even easier. Buy 10 off-peak classes for £50 (each class is normally £12) and check out the various boot camps they run too, from yoga to Pilates, all with 10% off!  

Visit or call 020 7033 1855 for more details.