The Egg White Cleanser We’re Going Crazy For

Egg on your face – literally – is the next big Korean beauty trend to land here (although appaz 80s legend, Joan Collins has been doing it for years to keep her skin looking fancy and fresh!).

Every health nut’s favourite brekkie option, it’s the protein-rich egg whites that are leaving skin sparkly. Not only have they been found to reduce discolouration and pigmentation, the egg white’s naturally sticky superpowers mean they’re great for grabbing onto dirt – ace if clogged pores are causing you problems.

Add a side portion of fruit enzymes that gently dissolve away dead skin cells and you’ve got the most nutritionally balanced, skin-perfecting facewash possible. It’s why everyone on the beauty circuit is currently going mad for Mizon’s Egg White Bubble Cleanser, £19,

We’ve tried it and we love the soft and creamy foam it creates – and there’s no eggy smell to worry about either. Aaaand, it doesn’t leave skin feeling tight like some foams because all of those soapy side effects come from natural ingredients. Already causing a coo with spot-prone peeps, egg on your face isn’t such a bad thing after all! FYI, all the celebs will be at it soon enough!

By Becci Vallis