Want the body of a supermodel? Get practising your yoga!

Online Yoga Tutorials: The LOOK Team Favourites

We’re always interested in ways we can workout without even leaving our bedroom – and the blessing that is Youtube has made it possible. But don’t worry, you won’t be jumping about waking the neighbours; yoga is far more slow-paced than you might be used to. Think shaping and toning, rather than heart-pumping cardio.

Yoga has a ton of health benefits – builds muscle strength, perfects posture, lowers blood pressure – and all the celebs are doing it. And the best thing is, you’re never too old, young, or inexperienced to get into it. YouTube is bursting with yoga tutorials, but we’ve picked out our top four channels to help get you started; all you need is a yoga mat and some comfortable clothes you can really move in. So, it’s about time you jumped on board the yogi ship, because you’ll never look back – except maybe during downward dog…

1. Yoga With Adriene

Texan yoga teacher Adriene has over 150 videos to her channel, with a new one uploaded every Wednesday, from boosting happiness to aiding digestion. We particularly love her ’30 Days of Yoga’, great for encouraging yogis of all levels and body types to improve on their techniques. It’s as simple as it sounds; there’s a tutorial to follow every day for 30 days, all around 20 minutes long.

> Yoga With Adriene



2. Ekhart Yoga

If you’re looking for super-relaxing yoga, then Esther’s Ekhart Yoga is the one for you. The softly spoken Esther, who hails from Holland, will guide you through her videos step-by-step. All of her tutorials are sorted into categories – such as morning yoga, advanced poses, yoga for abs – so you can find a tutorial programme that’s perfect for you. Additionally, you can subscribe to her longer videos at www.ekhartyoga.com.

> Ekhart Yoga


3. Yoga By Candace

Between instructing yoga classes, Candace runs her own blog on yoga lifestyle. Her tutorials focus on particular yoga moves and stretches, talking you through the more complex moves such as a headstand and the crow. Choose between short snippets or longer class-length videos.

> Yoga By Candace



4. Yoga TX

90% of the videos on this channel are especially for beginners; there’s yoga to ease back pain, yoga for runners, and even yoga you can do at your work desk. The yoga instructors teach the moves in exactly the same way they would a private lesson, except it’s totally free. And with two videos uploaded every week, you’re guaranteed not to lose interest.

> Yoga TX




Annie Quinton